Whether it’s your first experience and you want to transfer your skills from indoor centres to real rock, or if you want to upskill in rope technique and movement. Fox and Squirrel can tailor a day or half-day experience that is based entirely on what you want to achieve.

For larger groups you may be met by 2 experienced and fully insured instructors from our team in order to keep your day flowing smoothly and get everyone as much contact with the rock as possible.

The venue will depend on your plans. We can meet at a local crag, make suggestions for outcrops in your holiday destination or create multi day trips in an area.

We provide all safety gear, including climbing harness, shoes and helmets where required.

Often used as an add on to a climbing experience, abseiling gives you a higher adrenaline experience, giving you the skills to control your descent from multiple height rock faces. Our instructors will teach you knots and skills to make you feel safe and in control. The level of challenge and support given will be tailored to you.

If increasing your rope skills is something you’re looking for then a climbing day experience can be tailored to allow for additional time to go through knots, rope work and general skills that will make your outdoor climbing experiences feel more efficient. This is a great way to boost your knowledge and confirm all that you already know but may have felt unsure about.

Chloe has been a coach on a climbing squad (both adult and children’s groups), developing skills week by week to increase climbing grades, and achieve climbing goals. Whether you want to train an area of weakness or to train for competitive climbing she has experience and insight to help you get there. These indoor based sessions can be stand alone boosts for your climbing training, or as regular sessions booked in blocks, depending on your goals.

An initial session will be offered as part of any package, for Chloe to talk to you about goal setting, uncover areas of weakness and analyse your current climbing abilities. This will enable her to co-create a plan that is completely unique to you.

When we have time out from climbing, especially outdoor climbing, it can feel daunting in those first days on the rock. We can meet you at your destination and deliver supervision based sessions that help you to feel more confident about your skills, and refresh your knowledge.

"She’s patient and understanding with a body of knowledge and experience. I couldn’t ask for a better instructor!"