Wild Camping

Sleeping in ancient woodland, under a vast sky of stars, near the sound of crystal clear water cascading from the mountain tops, watching the rising sun from high above civilization… no other outdoor experience can match the magic that wild camping offers. But do not be deceived, it is not for the faint hearted which is why we have experienced guides who can offer their expertise and skills.

Scotland has different wild camping laws to the rest of the UK, and in England the only area that ‘permits’ wild camping currently is Dartmoor, who offer a map of places where this is the case. Rules include being out of sight of a road or footpath, carrying your own gear and leaving no trace. In the rest of England wild camping is illegal without prior landowner permission.  We have a number of contacts locally for wild camping with permission.

However we also understand that many adventurous individuals wild camp without permission in the Lake District. We believe that sharing information and developing understanding is key to harbouring an outdoor community of respectful adventurers who care deeply about our natural environment. If you’re looking to begin wild camping, we can offer bespoke experiences that equip you with the knowledge and skills to be able to take advantage of this off-grid and peaceful way of staying in nature.

"I had such a peaceful time and I got to see parts of the Lake District I didn't even know existed."